Welcome to faithlife

Build Relationships, Deepen Word Study & Avoid the Noise


Are you tired of scrolling through cat videos and political rants? 

Do you want to stay connected with your church family instead of hundreds of friends you really don't know?


Then try Faithlife! This is an app and website that you can join for free. It allows you to follow everything church related, from daily verses and weekly sermons to prayer requests and praises from our church members.

Here's how to get started:

1. Click the Link

If you received an email invitation to Faithlife, click the link in your email (then skip to step 3). 

If you did not receive an invitation email, then click the button below. 

Living Hope Faithlife

2. Ask to Join

Join Living Hope Church on Faithlife by clicking the Ask to Join button.

3. Create your account

Provide your email, name, and choose a password.

4. Complete your profile

+ Go to Account Settings Page (Desktop - click person icon on the top right of screen  //  Mobile Web - tap menu button on the top left of screen  //  Mobile App - tap menu button on the bottom right of screen, then tap Settings, then tap Account Preferences)

+ Complete Profile Information and Adjust Privacy Settings (Set privacy for each item -- Me to keep information private  //   Group Admins to share with church staff  //  Co-Members to add information to online church directory  //  Everyone to share with the whole internet [NOT RECOMMENDED])

+ Update Notifications (Click Notifications at top of page and set preferences so that you will receive relevant information)

5. Explore Faithlife

Join groups, View the Event Calendar, & Discover Resources like FaithlifeTV and Logos Bible Software, and more!