Welcome to Virtues Campus - Rocky Mountain

Anxious about secular academic institutions, dubious curriculum, and volatile faculty? 

Looking for a reliable yet inexpensive option for continuing your learning journey?

Ready for a fresh, innovative, and orthodox approach to your college education? 

Virtues Campus is the perfect fit for the next step in your educational journey. It is highly relational, deeply committed to the Christian faith, grounded in the biblical worldview, conveniently local, and supremely affordable.  As a Virtues student, you will discover valuable Christian community, foster spiritual formation, and develop a unique sense of your vocational calling through cohort learning and mentoring leaders.

Located in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO, Virtues Campus offers the opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree in partnership with a fully accredited Christian institution while staying local, keeping expenses low, and discovering the vocational path God has in store for you.

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Stay local and affordable

Looking at the costs of higher education can be daunting, especially if a student is venturing away from home. Virtues Campus is nearby and has a cost structure that provides a legitimate alternative to community college. Located near downtown Colorado Springs, it offers the perfect blend of life in the city with the wonderful opportunities of outdoor adventure Colorado has to offer. 

Mentored cohort learning

At the core of the Virtues Campus model of learning is meaningful relationships. Our learning is based around the community. Academic pastors partner with students to discover personal learning styles and vocational goals to tailor the educational pathway according to each student's learning needs. Students enter Virtues Campus with a cohort of students who will journey through the entire program together. Form lasting relationships with students and academic pastors who will support your personal and academic growth and challenge you to new depths of knowledge and insight.

Grounded in God's truth

God's word is the foundation of everything at Virtues Campus-Rocky Mountain. We sit under its teaching individually and study it together every time we gather for class. It forms our understanding of career calling and service to our community. We recognize the truth found in its pages and appropriate its message in our faith and culture. As we lament how far our society and educational institutions have strayed from God's truth, we believe that God's word and the Christian faith speak deeply to the issues that we face throughout our culture. Virtues Campus students will graduate with a solid grasp of God's redemptive story, the fundamental tenets of Christian faith, and a biblical worldview.

Section Title

  • Virtues Campus offers students the opportunity to merge their educational journey with the values and relationships of the local church. Virtues takes a unique hybrid approach that combines the values of private Christian universities with the low cost and local connection of community colleges. It intentionally keeps class sizes small and provides Christian leadership and mentoring through academic pastors who walk with students through every step of their educational pathway. 

    Academic pastors provide valuable career and academic counseling to help guide students through their program and prepare for their future vocation. The Virtues Campus curriculum trains students to critically evaluate and combat the secular worldview that they will encounter at larger institutions and in the workplace. 

  • Virtues Campus-Rocky Mountain partners with Trinity Bible College in  Ellendale, ND. To earn an A.A. degree, a student must complete 60 credits. Up to 34 credits can be earned in-person through classes taught at Virtues Campus-Rocky Mountain while the additional 26 credits will be earned through other means--whether online with our partner university's portal MyTrinityOnline, through transfer credits from a community college, or credits earned while the student was in High School. Trinity Bible College will confer the A.A. degree, so it is necessary to ensure that any outside credit earned will be accepted to complete the requirements for the chosen degree program. 

  • The curriculum has three primary tracks that will guide classroom work over the two-year program:

    • Career Readiness - Students discover their career calling through vocational assessment, counseling, job shadowing, service learning projects, and a study of Jesus' approach to leadership and moral character
    • Truth in Action - Students investigate the truth of the biblical worldview and prepare a defense of the Christian faith through courses covering the essentials of theology and apologetics, significant worldviews around the globe, and modern cultural influences and values
    • Bible: Genesis to Revelation - Students study and apply the fundamental themes of God's story through the entirety of scripture
  • Virtues Campus-Rocky Mountain costs a flat fee of $5000 per academic year. To complete an A.A. degree, the student must complete additional credits  through other means. Our partner institution, Trinity Bible College, offers significantly reduced fees ($200/credit) for online courses to Virtues Campus students, making the total cost for a student around $7,500 per year or $15,000 to complete the two-year A.A. degree program.  

  • Virtues Campus students who complete the FAFSA could be eligible for federal grants and student loans. These can be applied toward tuition and fees for the partner institution, Trinity Bible College. Left over aid may be applied toward Virtues Campus fees.

    The school code for Trinity Bible College is 012059. More information can be found at their website by clicking here.


  • Important Dates

    Application Deadline ..................... July 24

    Fall Semester Begins ...................... August 21

    Fall Break .......................................... October 16-20

    Spring Semester Begins ................ January 22

    Spring Break ..................................... March 25-29

    Weekly Schedule


             8:30-11:30am ...................... Career Readiness

             11:30am-1pm ...................... Bible: Genesis to Revelation


             8:30-11:30am ...................... Truth in Action

             11:30am-1pm ....................... Bible: Genesis to Revelation

          Thursday (*class meets 1st & 3rd week of the month)

             9am-12pm ............................. Life Skills for College Students

  • When you are ready to apply to attend Virtues Campus, simply follow the steps below:

    1. Contact your Academic Pastor

    Contact Academic Pastor

    2. Apply to Virtues Campus

    Apply to Virtues Campus

    3. Once you have been accepted to Virtues Campus, apply to your Partner Institution

    Apply to Trinity Bible College

    4. *Optional* Apply Trinity Bible College for Financial Aid

    The school code for Trinity Bible College is 012059. More information can be found at their website by clicking here.

    Start your FAFSA