Life together for the sake of the world

"we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people"

1 Timothy 4:10

Our beliefs & Values

What you believe and value is important for determining who you are. The same is true for a church body. Our core beliefs come from our fellowship with the Assemblies of God, and we commit to four key values that guide how we fulfill our mission as the church: Worship, Word, Discipleship, and Mission. For a more detailed explanation of our beliefs, please click here.

  • Worship

    We Believe in worshiping God with all our heart and soul. Therefore, we value spiritually inspiring worship and giving place to your personal interaction with God.

  • WORD

    We Believe in worshiping God with our mind. Therefore, we value biblically focused services which engage with the renovating truths of Scripture in an intelligent and systematic fashion.

  • DIscipleship

    We Believe in worshiping God with all our strength. Therefore, we value an atmosphere where you and your family can engage in a comprehensive life with Christ and become active participants in God’s work here on earth.

  • mission

    We Believe in worshiping God by loving our neighbors as ourselves. Therefore, we value opportunities to reach our community and the world for Christ.

Our Leaders

Pastor phil and heather

Phil and Heather have been part of Colorado Springs all their lives and are driven by the biblical mandate to make disciples. They take joy in watching God at work in the lives of his people. Heather is ordained with the Assemblies of God. Phil graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and then from Denver Seminary with an MA in Philosophy of Religion. They have two dogs, eight nieces and nephews and are blessed by tremendous family and friends.

Caleb & Brooke Butler

Caleb & Brooke have been leading and teaching our youth group as well as helping graduates establish a young adult group to continue their walk with Christ together. Caleb is committed to helping young people grow in their faith and relationship with God and with each other. 

Brooks Goerzen

Brooks and Stacy grew up in the Colorado Springs area and are thrilled to be part of Living Hope Church. Brooks and Stacy, along with their four kids, moved back to Colorado Springs and joined the church staff as pastor of children and families in June 2017. He earned his degree from Northwest University in Biblical Literature and is currently working towards an MA in Old Testament from Denver Seminary. He loves working with children to help open their minds and imaginations to God's big story and with parents to develop healthy patterns of spiritual development within the home.