Explore the life God has for you

  • believe

    Learning God's character and plan for redemption through the biblical story

    Practices:  Bible Reading  //  Convictions

  • wisdom

    Applying knowledge of God's character and plan in order to navigate life well

    Practices:  Good Judgment  //  Right Actions

  • Sacrifice

    An act of love that releases what I hold tightly, so I can grab hold of Christ

    Practices:  Surrender  //  Devotion

  • spiritual family

    The people of God gathering to support, worship, celebrate and grow together

    Practices:  Community  //  Commitment

  • Identity

    Finding satisfaction in becoming who God made me to be

    Practices:  Wellbeing  //  Christlikeness

Video resources

Are you ready to dig deeper into a specific faith skill or practice? Wonderful! These videos are a great place to begin. Each video will offer a short teaching, some practical steps to take, and valuable resources to consider as you begin this journey of faith formation. 

Check back often, as new videos will be added every week! 

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